1. (3:30-4:30pm for new officials, 4:30-6:00pm for all officials)
    1. Sun., Aug 12 at LEE’S SUMMIT HIGH SCHOOL
  1. (3:30-4:30pm for new officials, 4:30-6:00pm for all officials)
    1. Sun., Aug. 26 at LEE’S SUMMIT HIGH SCHOOL
  1. (3:30-4:30pm for new officials, 4:30-6:00pm for all officials)
    1. Sun., Sept. 16 at WINNETONKA HIGH SCHOOL
  1. (4:30-6:00pm for all officials)
    1. Sun., Oct. 7 – no physical meeting, online broadcast only – details TBA


  1. GKCOA will NOT be conducting an in-person MSHSAA rules meeting this year.  All rules meetings must be completed online at


  1. GKCOA will NOT formally go over every question of the Part II Exam during one of our fall meetings.  We will take a portion of a meeting to briefly address some of the questions, but not the entire exam, as in years past.


  1. We are planning on live streaming the jamboree at Winnetonka on Tues., Aug. 21 on YouTube as a training tool for officials.  Ken Corum, Dixie Ousley, and Don Sleet will provide the “play by play.”  Viewers will be able to ask questions to be answered on the air.  More details to come.


  1. Make sure to renew your membership with MSHSAA (by July 15) and GKCOA (by Aug. 1) to avoid late fees!!!!


  1. 8th and 9th grade Suburban Conference match pay will increase.  9th A/B goes up $5.00 to $75.00 per night.  8th A/B goes up $2.50 to $67.50.  V/JV/9th tripleheaders increase by $5.00 to $130.00.  Varsity/JV pay will remain at $83.00.  


  1. MSHSAA mechanics clinics for 2018 – sign up soon on
    1. Sat., Aug. 11 at Oak Park
      Thurs., Aug. 23 at St. Joseph LeBlond (not Lafayette this year!)


  1. Other dates to remember—PLAN AHEAD:
    1. First day of team practice:  Mon., Aug. 6 (one week later than last year)
      First possible matches:  Fri., Aug 24
      First freshman/middle school matches:  Mon., Aug. 27
      Middle school season-ending tournaments:  Sat., Oct. 20
      Districts:  Mon.-Thurs., Oct. 22-25
      Sectionals:  Sat., Oct. 27
      State:  Fri.-Sat., Nov. 2-3 in Cape Girardeau


  1. Our first couple of weeks of summer training have been very well-received!  You can continue to sign up through June at


  1. Summary of major NFHS Rule Changes for 2018:
    1. A whistle can be used to end a timeout (instead of a horn, as specified last season) when multiple courts are in use.
      Teams may warmup between sets, but not hit volleyballs over the net to the opponents’ side.
      There are a few other minor changes you can look up on the volleyball page at


  1. Summary of MSHSAA Rule Changes for 2018:
    1. New warmup procedure will be 5-5-5 (instead of 5-6-6):  5 minutes of shared ball handling, 5 minutes full court for the receiving team, 5 minutes full court for the serving team.  There will still be one minute afterwards to clear the court and prepare for team huddle, introductions, anthem, etc. (most likely, the scoreboard buzzers will be at 16-11-6-1 now, instead of 18-13-7-1)
      Varsity coaches will be able to evaluate referees as R1 vs. R2 separately.
      Middle school will now have an option to play one extra set at the conclusion of an A-Team match if there are not enough players to play a full B-Team match.  (not sure how much of an impact that will have in our area.)


  1. If any questions about any of this or rules questions come up during the summer, feel free to email  We will resurrect the GKCOA Dropbox this fall for questions as well.


Have a great summer!  Look for communication from GKCOA and from MSHSAA in July!